Fee Scale


Unless there is an exclusive fixed rate agreement, our Professional Fees are normally calculated on an hourly basis. The time spent in each file is accurately recorded and a detailed timesheet is always attached in each and every invoice. Our Loss Adjusting hourly rates are as follows:-

Class Rate per hour
Non-Marine SR.600
Marine SR450

In certain cases more than one Loss Adjuster may be involved in handling a claim, if the second Adjuster is engaged in carrying out site survey, claim negotiating meetings and report writing his time will also be included in the charged fee. However, routine in-house discussion about cases among Loss Adjusters will not be included in the charged fee. Actual expenses incurred during handling of the files will also be included in the invoices separately. Standard expenses include but not limited to following:-


Hotel Accommodation

Telephone, Faxes

Courier and postage charges


Lab analysis costs

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